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At Indiana Holistic Health, we specialize in a diverse range of modalities, including Clinical Massage Therapy and Trauma Therapy. Our skilled practitioners provide targeted relief for physical discomfort while fostering resilience and healing from trauma, creating a sanctuary for holistic well-being and renewal.

Seeking Redress: Fresno Medical Practice Negligence Compensation

Medical malpractice can lead to devastating outcomes for patients, including paralysis and brain damage. In many cases, these damages can also include organ damage, loss of limbs and even death. Fortunately, victims of Fresno Medical Practice Negligence Compensation may recover damages for the losses they have endured. These damages may cover costs associated with the initial breach of duty, as well as related medical care expenses moving forward, loss of income, out-of-pocket living expenses, home accessibility redesign elements and other measurable quality of life losses tied directly back to the original medical negligence incident.

An experienced Fresno Medical Malpractice Lawyer may help you claim the maximum amount of compensation for your damages. A medical malpractice attorney can help you navigate the complex legal processes, gather and analyze the evidence, consult with expert witnesses, and build a strong case for your claim.

What defines a medical malpractice incident? A claimant must prove that a doctor or other healthcare professional breached the standard of care, which is defined as “a physician shall exercise the degree of skill, knowledge and judgment ordinarily possessed by other members of his profession in the same specialty under similar circumstances.” The injured party must then show that this negligence led to a direct injury.

Medical malpractice claims can be filed against doctors, nurses, physical therapists, hospitals and medical facilities. Some of the nationally prevalent medical errors that may qualify as malpractice according to legal standards include surgical site complications, dangerous hospital-acquired infections, delivery room mistakes resulting in baby injuries, misread diagnostics enabling disease progression, and reckless patient discharge.

The attorneys at Tomassian, Pimentel & Shapazian help victims of unacceptable healthcare in Fresno get the medical malpractice compensation they deserve. They work on incidents involving medical malpractice, such as surgical errors, misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose, as well as other types of malpractice.

Can a claimant sue a doctor he met for the first time on an informal camping trip over faulty advice given during that meeting? A claimant cannot sue a doctor for negligent advice that was given during an informal gathering unless the doctor has a contractual relationship with the injured person. This includes workers’ compensation insurance coverage.

A doctor can be sued for providing wrongful medical advice to an uninsured patient if the claimant meets certain requirements. The doctor must be licensed to provide services in California and have been treating the patient for 30 days before the alleged act of malpractice occurred. Additionally, the injured patient must be able to show that the doctor violated the law by failing to follow accepted diagnostic procedures and that this resulted in injury or death.

A Fresno Medical Malpractice Lawyer is necessary when a loved one suffers from a complication that could have been avoided with better care or treatment. Contact us today for a free consultation to determine whether you have grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit against a physician or other healthcare provider. Our firm will handle the complexities of your case so you can focus on recovering.

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